*randomly selected work


Pub HaBet, Logo, 2018


Ten Words On My Body, Poetry, 2018


Loops on display, Shodedey Yam Gallery, Jerusalem 2011

#animation #loop

Fight Club Galilee, ANIGIF Loop, 2011

#animation #loop

Ototarbut (Culture Signals RSS Aggregator), Logo, 2011


Pacotek, Logo & Website, 2004


REORIENTED_ME, Custom Pattern Design, 2007


Butterfleyes, Collage 4cm X 12cm, 2012


Prince of Jerusalem, Various on Woodpanel 44cm X 74cm, 2012


Oh'Clock, Flat Earth Version, 2019

Oh'Clock, CSS + JS, 2013


This site, although a simple one-pager, is an experiment in random design. On each load (using the PHP rand() function) random CSS values are assigned to all elements on this page including the font choice. To take it further I even randomized the selection of my work shown here. The result in terms of content, layout, and typography is unique for each observer and displayed on any device.

Code and design are tools for converting meaningful data sources into useful experiences.

For day to day stuff I find interesting and/or funny visit my μLOG. I also publish mixtapes HERE (inc. free download) and HERE (inc. playlists), usually once a month. Occasionally I add products to my SHOP.
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