is the largest library in the world, with millions of #books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts in its collections.
This project aims to contribute to the preservation and libration of human knowledge. We make our small and humble contribution, in the footsteps of the greats before us.
The focus of this project is illustrated by its name:
Pirate - We deliberately violate the copyright law in most countries. This allows us to do something that legal entities cannot do: making sure books are mirrored far and wide.
Library - Like most libraries, we focus primarily on written materials like #books. We might expand into other types of #media in the future.
Mirror - We are strictly a mirror of existing libraries. We focus on preservation, not on making books easily searchable and downloadable (access) or fostering a big community of people who contribute new books (sourcing).
2022-9-17 #magazine
Our mission is to transform bodies of photographic work into objects of art through an innovative and collaborative approach to photobook publishing. We seek artistic partners who inspire us and projects that amaze us and then leverage our individual strengths to create an elevated, dynamic work of art.
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publishes NYRB Classics, The New York Review Children’s Collection, NYRB Kids, New York Review Comics, and NYRB Poets.
#literature #poetry
The growing showcased collection of printed #books about protests in the world
is an #independent #publisher specializing in contemporary drawing, artists’ #books and zines. Based in Oslo, #Norway and Leipzig, #Germany.
2022-7-15 #article
is a specialized online art bookstore. Established in #Madrid, TAMBOURINE’s catalog includes magazines and #books on art, #design, #photography, #architecture and #fashion by independent publishers and self-published authors from all corners of the world.
Four corporate publishers claim that the non-profit online library violates copyright. Internet Archive says what it's doing is fair use.
is an independent publisher of award-winning #books on #visual arts, working with the world’s leading artists, writers, curators and cultural institutions.
Rooted primarily in #photography books, our publishing has expanded into art, #literature and critical studies, working with some of the world’s most pioneering creative minds and institutions.
covers all the latest books each month, ranging from #history and biography to memoir and fiction. Each issue contains sixty-four pages of reviews from some of the leading authors, journalists, academics and thinkers in Britain in a variety of fields. It aims to reach a wide audience of readers who enjoy intelligent and accessible writing.
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