On Israeli Left...

It doesn't exist and it never existed here. Israel was never a democracy, at best it was a militant theocracy and ethnocracy.
Now, it seems the "left" is rearing its head, do not believe it for a second! It's all about power and has nothing to do with democracy.
Take it from a life-long anarchist, that I am. And in 30 years I've been living here I never saw any semblance of real left-wing politics here. Never!

On Yair Netaniyahu...

We have our own Don Jr. :)

On Israel Today...

Sadly, as an Israeli I have no choice but draw a clear parallel between what's going on in Israel today and the dark years of Germany in the 30s and 40s of the last century.
This is the situation and it's getting worse. It'll end in tears.

On Ben-Gvir...

A nazi, that is all.

On mainstream media...

While browsing today I noticed a trend. No major or mainstream media outlet is reporting on a far right (read fascist) takeover here in Israel.
This just shows that media is not to be trusted. People got killed, people got beaten up in the last few weeks here all as a result of new government policies. Democracy is dying and no one has anything to say?
Stay silent mainstream media, that is YOUR job!

On today...


On Israel...

Israel was NEVER the only democracy in the Middle East. It was always a militant theocracy.
Now it is a full on fascist regime. Let that sink in...

On Social Media...

It's dead. Even in the Web3 environment it's the same.
It's just flogging a dead horse.

On ChatGPT...

Well, we had a nice conversation this morning.
I asked it some math questions I had instead of searching the web. And it was right.
I know, everybody is raving about it. This is the first time I used it for some coding I did. Not only did it give me the right answer with multiple options to consider, it gave me the actual #code.
It saved me time and effort.
So, as far as coding and math goes it passed the test with flying colours!
Highly recommended.

On Chomsky...

I was a fan all my adult life. For many years.
It was sad to listen and hear an old man spewing such things about the pandemic and the unvaccinated.
First of all, dear professor, vaccinated people can and do get sick and they can and do transmit the disease (COVID19) in the same way. If you receive an mRNA vaccine, or experimental preventive treatment as I call it, it does NOT mean you can't get sick or can't infect people around you.
Secondly you are confusing vaccination with prevention. I am not vaccinated (and that IS my choice and only mine), and where masks are required I wear one. So yes, I respect the rules although I am unvaccinated.
Anyway, old man, take it easy and take care.
It is time to rest before you lose any and all relevance you might have had. At least for me.
Or in your own words, it is time to isolate yourself from society :)