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The rise of Current Affairs has been the subject of many salacious rumors. Since growing into an international multimedia powerhouse, Current Affairs has attracted the admiration and envy of countless people, birds, and invertebrates. We hear the whispers. To set the record straight, it is our pleasure to provide for you a brief history of our organization.
Current Affairs was launched by roommates Oren Nimni and Nathan J. Robinson via a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, which promised “a new print magazine of political analysis, satire, and entertainment” that would “bring wit, color, and verve back to print media!” With $16,607 of their $10,000 goal raised, the magazine Current Affairs was born!
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Algorithms alone is not sufficient to deliver on the promise of AI. Data Science teams need to embrace the DevOps culture of customer first mindset, CI/CD and complete automation of the delivery pipeline.
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seeks to uncover the variety of ways current social conditions shape and control our thoughts and emotions, and how the internalization of social demands helps reinforce the status quo. In this, we seek simply to practice a “psychology” unconstrained by the narrow purview of an upper-class ideological project, to illuminate the dialectical relationship between psyche and society as it is mediated by that notoriously difficult term culture. This is, amongst other things, to understand ourselves as products of a system that we are trying to transcend.
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is a daily magazine on the web and #podcast #network. Founded in 1996, we are a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about #politics, news, business, #technology, and #culture.
is a place to discuss the intersections of #history, #politics, #culture, behavioral #science, and strategic thought—often with a focus on East and Southeast Asian affairs.
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Every week, I write about #technology and #culture.
is a media platform for the people who build and manage software the world relies on. We provide context and explanation of at-scale technologies to advance knowledge and create conversations through our coverage of modern architectures, components of the software development life cycle, and operations #tools and #culture.
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