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Jason Allen's AI-generated work "Théâtre D'opéra Spatial" took first place in the #digital category at the Colorado State Fair. #artoftheday
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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
An Episode of the CBS Radio Workshop - The Theatre of the Mind.
Featuring Aldous Huxley as Narrator.
Broadcast on 27 January and on 3 February 1956.
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Pedja Vranešević: LJUBAV, SEX I SMRT
BAAL Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište Beograd
P: Bertold Breht
R: Eduard Miler
Muzika: Predrag Vranešević
Orson Welles - War Of The Worlds - #Radio #Broadcast #1938 - Complete Broadcast. #theatre
Vincent Price in George Orwell's 1984 – the rare Australian radio play from 1955
An Australian radio play from January 1955 starring Vincent Price as Winston Smith.
This was staged in response to the BBC's notorious TV adaptation with Peter Cushing, which had scandalised Britain weeks earlier. #theatre
was a Serbian composer. Since 1961 he founded and played in some of the most popular rock bands in Yugoslavia and abroad (Siluete, Elipse). He also wrote songs for his friends who won prizes in festivals, although he never had a great interest for pop music in general.
Since 1975, he composed scores for the cinema, television and theatre, in Yugoslavia and abroad. He wrote the music for no less than 55 films, including a large amount for television.[1] He was a teacher at the Faculty of Scenic Arts and the Faculty of Art of Music in Belgrade.
CalArts has a long #history of #graphic #design students designing and printing #posters for on-campus visiting artists and designer lectures, as well as performances in the Schools of #Music, #Theatre and #Dance.
Anna Deavere Smith's play, "Fires in the Mirror"